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Wanna be Napuletano.

Our guides, carefully selected from authorized tourist guides, will give you the opportunity to visit Naples and its surroundings with them and they will be like a genial, polite, knowledgeable friend. As they guide you along the chosen route, they will offer alternative ways to taste the rich traditions and enjoy the splendid views this beautiful land offers, everything on board a charming vintage Vespa, a nice Fiat 500 or Ape Calessino, whose legend has always accompanied italian history.

Our Vespas have been selected among the most beautiful and exclusive that Piaggio has ever produced and they are all in excellent working condition for a comfortable and memorable experience.

To ensure your comfort, several Vespas are equipped with an independent passenger seat.

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NapolinVespa Tour is an avant-garde company at the fore front of efforts for the revaluation of the region and its immense artistic and cultural heritage.

The project NapolinVespa Tour goes well beyond the organization of Vespa tours and looks carefully at the art world through partnerships with young artists to create exhibitions and events that publicise the most beautiful city in the world.

It is no coincidence that the motto, paraphrasing a famous song by Renato Carosone, is "Wanna be Napuletano" which wants to emphasize the pride of belonging to a city, which for us NapolinVespa Tour, is treasured worldwide.

Among the first events organized by NapolinVespa Tour are: “Le Quinte Fotografiche”, Five photo exhibitions of five young neapolitan talents at Bellini Theatre in Naples, and “Wanna be Napuletano”, an itinerary in the 50s and the 60s, from fashion to music. Our special vintage vespas and cars will welcome us at Bellini Theatre, in Naples.

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